1 year ago

20 February, 2017

UNSW Main Walkway

Organised by:
Law Revue

What is loud, fun and has merch all over? The LAW REVUE stall! This O-week, come on down to the main walkway and say HI to the funny side of law school at UNSW.

What is Law Revue? It’s a variety show that features singing, dancing, acting and live music by students who are not necessarily singers, dancers, musicians or actors!

We’re looking for people from ALL FACULTIES to join our society of creative individuals, be it as a castie or one of our many behind-the-scenes portfolios such as costumers, tech, promotions, wellbeing or publications.

So, whether you’re a fresh faced first-year or a seasoned uni veteran, come on down to main walkway during O-week, give us a geez, peruse our posters and leave with the satisfaction of a goodie bag upon signing up.

Look out for more events during o week:
-Meet and greet
-O-week Revue

More details TBA! :)