1 year ago

20 February, 2017

Matthews 303

Organised by:
NSW University Theatrical Society (NUTS)

“Sometimes the world is a bit unnerving. Some people do awful things…”

Punk Rock is a provocative and compelling play by multi-award winning playwright Simon Stephens about violence, sexism and mental illness among disaffected youth. The play involves seven teenagers (William, Lily, Bennet, Chadwick, Nicholas, Tanya and Cissy) in their final year at an elite, fee-paying grammar school in Stockport (UK).

The teenagers spend their time stifled in the Upper School library, away from teacher supervision, studying- or not- for their mock exams. William quickly develops an obsessive crush on the new girl Lilly, but she's falling for Nicholas instead. Bennet takes pleasure in mocking and humiliating his fellow students, particularly Chadwick and Tanya.

However, as exam pressure builds, tensions flare and expose a raw undercurrent of panic and hostility.

Written by: Simon Stephens
Directed by: Kathleen Quere
Produced by: Veronica Barac

BOOK YOUR AUDITION HERE: http://punkrocknuts.simplybook.me

Audition times: (All held in Matthews 303)

Monday 20/2: 10am- 6pm
Tuesday 21/2: 12pm- 9pm
Wednesday 22/2: 11am- 9pm
Thursday 23/3: 10am- 6pm


For your audition, please prepare one monologue from the audition pack https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_ExOQ7nosWdZTdJUHUxU1J4Mmc/view?usp=sharing. You might also be asked to do a cold reading of a scene from the play during your audition.

We will be using British RP accents (a.k.a. ‘BBC English’) for this production. Don’t worry about your accent being perfect for your audition, if you are cast you will also have the opportunity to attend a voice workshop with a dialect coach.


Friday 24/2: 12pm-6pm

Read through: Monday 27/2

Voice/Dialect Workshop: Saturday 4th March 9am-12pm (midday)

Production dates: Tuesday 28/3- Saturday 1/4

Contact Details:

Kathleen Quere- 0421252326
Veronica Barac- 0410848626