2 years ago

21 April, 2016

Tyree Building Unsw

Organised by:
D2MG Hip Hop Society

To help our lovely community of dancers and newcomers, D2MG has teamed up with May June, a professional dancer with a dam of experience and numerous achievements, to run a Locking workshop at UNSW.

● May June’s bio ●
2014: Dance@live Australia runner up
2015: One More Round 2v2 All style Winner
2016: Code Purple Judge
2016: Hip Hop International Australia Freestyle 2v2 Winner

"I started learning locking since 2010. Learnt in Japan, Taiwan and Korea mainly. Most of my locking teachers have been women! Locking for me is character, being confident, showmanship. Locking can help people become more free and energetic! And make you more confident on stage."

● What is locking? ●
Locking is a largely improvisational and funk dance style that originated in the 1970s. It’s mostly based on the concept of ‘locking’ movements; freezing from a fast movement and ‘locking’ in a certain position before continuing at the same speed. Locking is fun, vibrant and bound to put a smile on your face.

● 8 Week Locking Course at Crossover ●
May June is also going to be holding an 8 Week Locking Course focusing on improving your Locking. Crossover Dance Studios. 3 May to 17 May. Get on it!
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/118798021855690/

● WHERE? ●
Tyree UNSW

● WHEN? ●
Thursday 21 April
4 - 5:30pm

$6 for D2MG members
$10 for Arc members
$12 for non-Arc members

● WHO IS D2MG? ●
We represent the elements of hip hop: (D)ance, (D)J, (M)C and (G)raffiti. However, we do focus more on the dance component and have weekly dance classes + pop up classes, battles, jams etc.

For the other elements of hip hop culture, we hold D2Workshops taught by special guests. These guest instructors or whom we like to call "mentors" would share their knowledge and experience by giving insight and helping you in any way they can. So keep an eye out for these events by enabling notifications ;)

● Contact Us ●
1) Post it up on this event page! (So everyone else can benefit)
2) E-mail d2mg.unsw@gmail.com
3) PM us ♥


__ This event is proudly supported by ARC __