2 years ago

25 May, 2016

UNSW Goldstein Hall - G16

Organised by:
D2MG Hip Hop Society

★ Battle entry is for current UNSW Students ONLY ★
★ Audience entry is open to all!★

Just Dance Vol. 1 is a 2vs2 All-Style Dance Battle and showcase presented by UNSW D2MG Hiphop society to bring the UNSW dance scene together and encourage new and old members to just have fun, and best of all, its absolutely free!

Just Dance will have a unique entry format, where battle participants enter alone, but get matched up with a partner randomly based on experience. This helps bring out the fun in others because battling with someone you don't know against teams who are also unfamiliar with each other makes it - "just give it our best shot." So even if you're a pro, or just starting out all you have to do is enter, have fun and ...


Also throughout the evening, there'll be showcases from young and passionate dancers from UNSW, so come cheer for your friends and fellow dancers because it's gonna be an amazing night!

To enter, just visit:


You can also register on the day - registrations start at 5.30pm, and will close strictly at 6.15pm (so get in quick, or just pre register!).

$20 Chatime Voucher - Winners
$10 Chatime Voucher - Runnerups

Dan E Zee (Original Manners Crew)
Ray Chia
Miguel Matias (Furious Five)

★ DJ ★

★ MCs ★
Mat Vo

★ Performances ★
To be revealed on the night!

WHERE: Goldstein G16 UNSW (a map will be uploaded soon)
WHEN: Wednesday 25th May, 6.00-9.00pm

● WHO IS D2MG? ●
D2MG is a Hip Hop Society based in the University of New South Wales. As a non-profit organisation that seeks to benefit its members and supporters, we aspire to be an active gateway between Sydney's Hip Hop scene and the university community. Embodying all elements of Hip Hop culture, we believe Hip Hop is an expression of personal identity and a channel of boundless creativity.
As the largest university Hip Hop society in the southern hemisphere, D2MG is constantly seeking out ways to nurture the Sydney Hip Hop scene and university life.

Check us out here:
FB Group - http://www.facebook.com/groups/d2mg.unsw/
YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/D2MGUNSW
E-mail - d2mg.unsw@gmail.com

_ This event is proudly supported by ARC__