2 years ago

26 May, 2016

Tyree Energy Technologies Building

Organised by:
D2MG Hip Hop Society

To finish our semester of Hiphop dance workshops, we have our last and final workshop with the energetic and bubbly Popo! (his real name is Andrew muahaha)

● Biography ●
Name - Popo
Bboy Name - 3:16
Yo what's up! I've been dancing for about 6 and a bit years now and I'm part of Blank Canvas Crew and I've been choregraphing for the RICE Movement dance team for the last 4 or so years! As my bboy name suggests, I'm a Christian and dance to glorify God and make Jesus famous!

I'm heavily influenced by Bboy Taisuke and I hope to have an explosive style like him! I like to show my character, personality and who I am as I dance!

I love breaking because it let's me be free! You get to use your entire body and you get that feeling that you can almost fly! I can share how I feel and who I am without using words!
Come join me for my workshop and lets try to fly together!

● WHERE? ●
Front of Tyree Energy Technologies Building, UNSW

● WHEN? ●
Thursday 26th May

$6 for D2MG members
$10 for arc members
$12 for non arc members

● WHO IS D2MG? ●
We represent the elements of hip hop: (D)ance, (D)J, (M)C and (G)raffiti. However, we do focus more on the dance component and have weekly dance classes + pop up classes, battles, jams etc.

For the other elements of hip hop culture, we hold D2Workshops taught by special guests. These guest instructors or whom we like to call "mentors" would share their knowledge and experience by giving insight and helping you in any way they can. So keep an eye out for these events by enabling notifications ;)

● Contact Us ●
1) Post it up on this event page! (So everyone else can benefit)
2) e-mail d2mg.unsw@gmail.com
3) PM us ♥

__ This event is proudly supported by ARC __