2 years ago

19 August, 2016


Organised by:
D2MG Hip Hop Society

To open up the members to the world of Krump, D2MG has partnered with Mark "Shutdown" Manahan to run a workshop in this regard.

● BIO ●
Mark "Shutdown" Manahan aka Baddbeast, is a part of StreetKingdom & BeastCamp. He is also the Australian Krump Champion & leader of the Pirates. He has been Krumping for 10 years, has taught all over Australia and recently won the "All In Brawl 2016" Krump category in Brisbane.

To get to know Mark "Shutdown" a bit more and keep updated with what he's up to, check out his page at https://www.facebook.com/Markshutemdown/?fref=ts

● What is Krump? ●
"The dance known as Krumping is a street dance popularized in the United States that is characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement. The youths who started krumping (i.e. Tight Eyez & Mijo) saw the dance as a way for them to escape gang life and to release anger, aggression and frustration positively, in a non-violent way."


● WHERE? ●
Outside Tyree Energy Technology Building
Lower Campus, UNSW

● WHEN? ●
Friday 19th August 2016
4.30 - 6p.m.

● HOW? ●
As part of the workshop, Shutdown will be teaching krump foundation, how to build your krump, how to feel hype and feel your way through dance. So whether you're a beginner or in the middle of your krump journey, this workshops is for you!!

$7 for D2MG members
$10 for arc members
$12 for non arc members

We represent the elements of Hip Hop: (D)ance, (D)J, (M)C and (G)raffiti. However, we do focus more on the dance component and have weekly dance classes + pop up classes, battles, jams etc.

For the other elements of Hip Hop culture, we hold D2Workshops taught by special guests. These guest instructors or whom we like to call "mentors" would share their knowledge and experience by giving insight and helping you in any way they can. So keep an eye out for these events by enabling notifications ;)

● Contact Us ●
1) Post it up on this event page! (So everyone else can benefit)
2) E-mail d2mg.unsw@gmail.com
3) PM us ♥

__ This event is proudly supported by ARC __