2 years ago

4 October, 2016


Organised by:
D2MG Hip Hop Society

As a way of helping young people express themselves through hiphop, D2MG has established an introductory workshop with the aim of inspiring non-rappers with no background in music, to develop their art in composing their own rap.

If you:
- LOVE hiphop music
- Want to be able to write your own songs
- Want to produce your own music
- Want to learn how to express your emotions (both positive and negative) through a creative outlet
- Are just curious to learn a new hobby
Then we would like to invite you to check out our MC Introductory Workshop!

Location: Room G032 (Ground floor), Quadrangle, UNSW
Time: 4-6pm, Tuesday 4th October

How to sign up: Just rock up on the day!

For more information and details about the program and what's involved: