2 years ago

15 February, 2016

Robert Webster Building (room 335) UNSW

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Are you a previous, current or potential warrior, or do you just want to take some fun dance classes? If so we have 2 days, and 6 exciting classes for you to choose from!

These classes are to give you a taste of how the UNSW warriors dance teams/trainings are structured, and give you the opportunity to meet the 2016 coaches, but most of all to have some fun before uni goes back! Anyone is welcome to attend any of the classes, and you can do as little or as many classes as you like.

Monday the 15th:
5-6pm uni contemporary (Olivia Melville)
6-7pm open jazz (Alana & Annie)
7-8pm open hip hop (Alana & Annie)

Tuesday the 16th:
5-6pm uni hip hop (Kirsten Obryan & Hannah Michael)
6-7pm uni pom (Kirsten Obryan)
7-8pm uni jazz (Kirsten Obryan)

$10 for 1 class or,
$15 for 2 classes or,
$20 for 3!

Auditions for our actual teams are in 3 weeks:

For further enquires contact the facebook page, or unswcheersoc@hotmail.com

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