1 year ago

29 January, 2017


Organised by:
Australia China Youth Association (ACYA)

O-week is an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to the incoming student body. We would love to have a volunteer crew who can help us out. Volunteer with us to meet new members, familiarise yourself with our society's culture and gain insight into our upcoming subcommitee recruitment!

Your role as an O-week volunteer:
- Engaging students to promote ACYA's mission, goals and events for the coming year.
- Ensuring a vibrant atmosphere around the stall.
- Working together with a strong and passionate team.

You will be developing teamwork and communication skills while having a whole lot of fun!

Please be available for a briefing session on Saturday 18th February

You will receive a certificate of recognition from us to show our appreciation. We look forward to meeting you all!

Register now at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQ-TLvQIJhV48Z-jeVywPETw3b5wA75KcZfuWJ5VGR5GZ7wA/viewform

迎新周是我們向即將到來的學生介紹自己的機會。 我們希望有一組志願者可以幫助我們。 志願者與我們一起認識新會員,熟悉我們的社會文化,並深入了解我們即將到來的附屬委員會招聘!

- 讓學生促進來年ACYA的使命,目標和活動。
- 確保攤位周圍充滿活力的氣氛。
- 與一個強大和充滿熱情的團隊合作。



您將會收到我們的認可證書,表示我們的感謝。 我們期待與您見面!