2 years ago

18 April, 2016

Ritchie Theatre UNSW

Organised by:
Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Society

Building on our extremely successful Mars industry presentation last year. CEUS is hosting another event with guests from Aurecon. They will be speaking about the company as well as what working there is like plus giving information about graduate and internship opportunities.
This will be followed by informal Q&A and networking where you can ask whatever questions you were too afraid to ask in front of everyone. There will also be free pizza!
The session is during the second half of May's Monday CEIC3003 lecture so this is super easy for all you third years but of course everyone is encouraged to come.
If this type of event continues to be successful we'll be trying to get more companies on campus to give you opportunities to network and help you with job hunting.

Have a read of their website to find out more about what they do and think about some questions to ask.