2 years ago

16 May, 2016

Chemical Sciences Building 320A/B

Organised by:
Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Society

Are you looking for a sustainable career path working in an innovative and responsible company? Interested in exploring a field outside of oil, mining or food?

Interface is a worldwide leader in design, production and sales of environmentally responsible modular carpet for the commercial, institutional and residential markets. So where does a chemical engineer or industrial chemist fit into a world leading carpet manufacturing business?

In this modern day society, the importance of companies to adapt and ensure their product is produced sustainably is becoming increasingly more important to customers. Setting an ambitious goal of eliminating any negative impact their companies may have on the environment by the year 2020 in their Mission Zero Commitment – Interface is leading the way in creativity and innovation.

Engineering leading technology and being involved in process optimisation and recycling innovation are key areas to achieve this massive goal.

And what’s the best part about this company for UNSW students?
Almost every year they take a chemical engineering or industrial chemist student from UNSW for industrial placement over summer for 3 months!

So make sure you attend this industry talk to gain a further insight into another world leading company and gain insider knowledge before applying for this exclusive internship position!

And don't forget there will be free pizza to help satisfy your hunger for a job!

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