2 years ago

18 September, 2016

Tyree Energy Technologies Building

Organised by:
Malaysian Student Organisation (MSO)


Malaysia Day is just around the corner and we in MSO, in collaboration with National Aspiration & Leadership Summit Series:Sydney(NALS) and Persatuan Pelajar Muda Sydney (PPMS), are organizing our very own Malaysia Day Celebration!

The activties will be Open Mic Session by NALS, performance by PPMS and Traditional Games by MSO.

The tentative are as followed;
11.00 am: From The Heart: Malaysian Open Mic Session
1.30 pm: Potluck and Performance
2.30 pm: Traditional Games
4.00 pm: Disperse

For The Open Mic Session, you can be as creative as you want, be it in the form of speech, drama acting, sajak, pantun; however you want. As long as it is about Malaysia and keep it between 5 to 8 minutes. Register yourself here


For traditional games, we will be having Galah Panjang and Bola Beracun. All you need is 6 players in a team. There are prizes to be won! Register yourself here through this form: