2 years ago

23 March, 2016

The Ritz Cinema

Organised by:
Hellenic Society (Hellsoc)

Welcome, to our 2016 members!

Hellsoc is bringing you a PRIVATE, PREVIEW SCREENING of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2!

We have secured the rights from Universal and are able to screen the movie exclusively to our members before it is made available to everyone else! The catch is that we have very limited tickets so you will have to get in fast...

A $20 ticket will include preview screening of the movie, popcorn, a drink and a choc top, in our own, private cinema.

This is the perfect event to catch up, share some laughs, and meet some new people, so don't be shy! We want to see as many first years there as possible!

To confirm your tickets or for any questions you may have, message Hellsoc, Leonidas or Ellie.

We can't wait to see you there!

*This is an exclusive event for 2016 members of the UNSW Hellenic Society only.

**This student Club activity is proudly supported by Arc @ UNSW. For more information on Arc Clubs visit www.arc.unsw.edu.au