2 years ago

19 October, 2016

UNSW Q Lounge

Organised by:
Hellenic Society (Hellsoc)

With the end of semester and finals brewing, everyone could use a kick of caffeine. Luckily for you, Hellsoc and our favourite baristas at Q Lounge have you covered, with a FREEcoffee for every Hellsoc member!

Where: Q Lounge (near the Quadrangle), UNSW
When: 19 October 2016 from 10am

So come meet the new committee, eat some baklava and have a coffee on Hellsoc!

#stopprocrastinating #startprocaffeinating #week12feels

**This student Club activity is proudly supported by Arc @ UNSW. For more information on Arc Clubs visit www.arc.unsw.edu.au