2 years ago

23 January, 2016

Electrical Engineering UNSW, Room 319

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Debugging can be a haphazard exercise if you get frustrated. Uni tends to be good at teaching you how to do things but they tend to trust that you will figure out debugging techniques in your own time. One day you will come across a problem where you won't have a tutor or lecturer to ask questions and you'll have to debug something you don't understand.

Thien will be walking through tools you can use and outline best practices. The presentation will be interactive, centred around a series of case studies from his own experience, ranging from embedded debuggers, sifting through hex files and random confusing segfaults. He will primarily be focusing on C++ and embedded C, as well as PCB level debugging.

Case Study 1: Establishing serial comms on a bad PCB
Case Study 2: Memory leaks in C++
Case Study 3: Three cores, two TCP connections

Thien is a software engineer with experience in full stack hardware/firmware development. He graduated from UNSW with a degree in mechatronics and pure mathematics. He currently works for Optiver developing Automated Trading Risk management tools