2 years ago

24 February, 2016

UNSW (The University of New South Wales)

Organised by:
Law Revue

This is not just some Mushroom Foraging Class, this is our very own Law Revue O-Week event @ Quad 042! To our friends and to those who will become our friends very very soon, welcome to UNSW this year!

To those of you who do not know us yet, we are Law Revue. Now in our 40th year, Law Revue is a musical comedy sketch show, which reaches an audience of over 2000 every year – and is run and created entirely by an awesome community of students!!

This community includes cast, technicians who create the set or become stage crew, cooks, promos team, ushers, design, choreographers, videos team, vocal directors just to name a few. Now there is a lot more to Law Revue than what is said above – and we hope to show this at our event – REVUE IN AN HOUR.

We hope to show you more about what Law Revue encompasses, as well as play some fun games/theatre sports, act out some of our previous sketches, and more importantly – get to know you. It will be a fun and jet-packed hour!

Please note that Law Revue is not exclusive to law students only. Everyone is welcome!

If you have any questions, please email us at producers@lawrevue.org or post below!

See you there!


Day: 24/02/2016
Time: 12:00 – 13:00
Location: G042, Quad