2 years ago

24 March, 2016


Organised by:
Law Revue

Our first dance block of the year is here. Just finished court report? Dance the blues away! Getting camp withdrawals? Come groove with us! Dance Block is a feel good way to let off some steam, meet some amazing people and learn a short dance routine :D

Where: Robert Webster 335
When: 5pm on Thursday the 24th of March Week 4 2016 AD
Who: YOU.

Choreos: Irene and Yooree! (Read more about them below)

We will be chilling at the Whitehouse from 4pm. Come join us there first for some proteins and carbs and amino acids!

So be sure to come express your revue interest, meet fun people and bust out some moves. See you all there xx


Introducing the graceful massage therapist of revue: Irene McBride. Affectionately nicknamed 'Ilene', this dancer packs a formidable punch (no seriously she has punched me before and it really hurt call police now). Ilene has a long history with dancing and was part of 2014 LR's Crack specialty dance. Specialising in Lyrical, JFH and rolling her ankle, Ilene is keen to present her fine routine which makes a Billy Elliot look like a Bulldogs player. It is said that she was the inspiration for the song Ilene On Me.

Yooree :
Sass. Whatever level of sass you are whether it is Beyonce or a box of biscuits, Yooree Woo's block is one not to miss. Beginning her Revue journey in Med Revue, she has since moved on to produce this years 2016 Med Revue. With many performances and many different types of snapbacks under her belt, this promises to be a fun and informative dance block on how to look good.