2 years ago

14 April, 2016

UNSW Science Theatre

Organised by:
Law Revue

Friends, let us SEE EACH OTHER'S FACES AGAIN. TRULY SEE - rather than bump into each other for a spontaneous 2 minutes on our way to class. And if fate hasn't blessed us with any chance meetings, please come hang with our crew and get a taste of what revue is all about. From here, we shall venture into the past together....

So what better way to do this, what better excuse than to come together and support our Revue brethren. BEST OF MED is coming to a Science Theatre near us, after another 5 years. Come join us for the nostalgia of their show - X-Med: Revues of Actual Past, to see as the title states - the best of past Med Revues 2011-2015.

We will begin with drinks and food at Whitehouse from 6 and then make our way to the show at 7:30!

Tickets will only be $12 if you come with us, so be sure to bring your cash that night :)

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