2 years ago

28 April, 2016

Goldstein G06

Organised by:
Law Revue

Dance block number 2 is on its way! Whether you got ants in your pants cause you love to dance or just want to get some exercise that's also fun, this is THE event for you. Come hang out with us (4-5pm) and bring yo boogie to the dance block to dance yo ass off!

Where: Goldstein G06
When: 5pm on Thursday the 28th of April (Week 8)
Who: YOU.

Choreos: Phoebe and Gabrielle! (Read more about them below)

We will be chilling at the Whitehouse from 4pm. Come join us there for carbs (aka chips because chips have 41g of carbs for every 100g).

So be sure to come express your revue interest, meet fun people and bust out some moves. See you all there xx

Name: Gabrielle (Gabby)
Whether you’re keen to groove to some sweet tunes or feel like hanging out in a legit dance studio and pretend your life is Step Up, Gabrielle’s dance block has got you covered. Starting her dance journey in JFH, she now combines this style with her newly founded urban choreography roots. These days, when she’s not clearing out the entire stock of the surrounding milk tea stores, you can probably find her chilling outside Tyree and trying to get good. While having the experience of various society showcases and performances both in and outside of uni, in the teaching field she’s vigorously excited to share her passion for dance and what she’s learnt with people of every dance level.

Name: Phoebe (Feebz)
Meet Phoebe, who started her dance journey at the age of 6 when she was introduced to the world of ballet. She moved onto contemporary and jazz in high school, but since entering uni, has found the light in urban choreography and hiphop through D2MG Hiphop Society and MODsoc. These days, you can find her taking various classes at Crossover Dance Studio and Dancekool.