2 years ago

11 May, 2016

UNSW Science Theatre

Organised by:
Law Revue

So mid-sems are basically over and done and we believe it's time to CELEBRATE (and for those who still have midsems - to CELEBRATE IN ADVANCE).

An unconventional and therefore super spunky way to do this would be to come sink our bottoms into the spongy seats of the Science Theatre and not have it be a lecture about commerce or engineering or law but to LAUGH and OOOOHHH and AAAAHHH with us at the wondrous Med Revue: Doctor Flu!

And for some spicy mix and match, we will do something more traditional - that being drinks and food at Whitehouse from 6 and then make our way to the show at 7:30!

Tickets will only be $12 if you come with us, so be sure to bring your cash that night :)

For more information, please visit:

See you there!