2 years ago

17 May, 2016

Chemical Science M11

Organised by:
Law Revue

The time has come. It's here. Law Revue Expression of Interest Sessions (EOIs) are soon!

Revue EOIs throughout Week 11 will answer all your questions about the mysterious enigma that is Revue. We'll be going through how Revue works from Weeks one to seven of semester two, the many different portfolios you can get involved with and helping you express your interest through the sign up form.

EOIs are crucial for anyone interested in any aspect of revue. Further, for those interested in CAST it is COMPULSORY to attend one EOI. There will be a lot of information and we will be releasing draft rehearsal schedules and opening sign-ups!

The times in Week 11 that EOIs will be held:
Monday 16th May 1-2pm @ Law G02
Tuesday 17th May 6-7pm @ Chem Sci M11
Thursday 19th May @ 4-5pm QUAD G025
Friday 20th May 1-2pm @ Law G23

You only need to attend one session but if you are unable to attend any but are still keen to join, be sure to shoot us through a message or email (producers@lawrevue.org) and keep an eye on this event for links to further information and sign ups!

We'll see you there, future revue hooligans!