2 years ago

19 May, 2016

Webster 335

Organised by:
Law Revue

Hello friends hello!

As Semester One comes to an end, Dance Block #3 is one of the last times to come groove with us. Do not miss out! It will be a great carb-burning, ab-scaping time, where we learn several dances along with giggles, good-natured mockery and sweat.

We will be departing from convention, as Dance Block will be immediately after our Law Revue Expression of Interest Sessions (EOIs) at 4-5pm. For those of you who don't know about our EOIs: check em out here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1689024221351055/permalink/1691732914413519/ (YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT).

Here's the lowdown on your amazing choreos for Dance Block #3!


"Hey my names anthony, get rekt every1, bai" (Anthony Ou, 2016).

Eric Qian: a keen Revuer with plenty of funky vibes and mad tight moves, Eric is here to help y'all tear up the dancefloor like never before.

Essentially - if you're keen to get down with yo' bad self, then Anthony and Eric are the choreos for you. So be sure to come along to sign up for Law Revue 2016 at 4-5PM in the Roundhouse AIR Room, and then dance your worries away from 5-7PM! We shall groove and funk and just look really, really cool.

See you there!!