2 years ago

21 September, 2016

LAW 203

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Law Revue

Are you feeling the revue blues? The nostalgia must be kicking in! Don't worry, we are feeling it too and we'd love to meet up!

Next Wednesday we will have a Program signing - the programs being lovely books to commemorate our year's efforts and society members - which are made by our lovely Publications head Charlotte Kong. The programs are free for every society member who contributed to this year's show to come and collect - so please feel free to drop by to sign or write messages to your fellow friends.

At around 7pm, we will probably be jetting off to dinner somewhere in the city to just chill and be in the company of each other.

And if you're keen to relive some of those revue fun times, why not join our friends at Med Revue for their social sketch block at 6pm? :') https://www.facebook.com/events/1092041437550656/

So keen! We'll see you all soon! <3 <3 <3