2 years ago

5 October, 2016

UNSW Studio 1

Organised by:
Law Revue

Hello everyone! Dreading the end of midsem break? Well then, why not come along with Law Revue to watch the incredible Arts Revue along fam and friends?

You can purchase your ticket online - we don't recommend buying at the door as tickets sell out quick!

Hope to see you guys next week! <3

WHEN: Week 10 // Wed-Fri
WHERE: Studio 1, UNSW
WHAT: An awesome, joke-filled night out
TICKETS: https://unswartsrevueplanetofthearts.qnect.co/magic/

Arts revue is Artssoc's annual comedy skit show promising a barrel of laughs around a given theme. This years theme, Planet of arts is set to be out of this world! Now, you may be asking yourself why 'Planet of the Arts'. Well, to be perfectly honest we just found the theme very ape-pealing, so we simply couldn't quit monkeying around with this theme!

So come on down! it'll be a damn good night, with a few familiar faces and some golden oldies! Get yourselves down to Arts Revue 5-7th of October! (That's week 10)

Directed by Joe Knights
Produced by Melwin Nelapati

Ciaran O'Riordan
Courtney Gray
Isabella Russo
Jasmin Borsovszky
Kevin Duo Jinuwine
Lawrence Menz
Liam Olsson
Liz Elkind
Lucas Christian
Lyndon Carney
Rachel Grunstein
Sophie Batey
Stuart Rynn
William Gammel