2 years ago

13 September, 2016

Sam Cracknell Pavillion

Organised by:
ARC - UNSW Student Life

Olivia Newton-John had it so right when she told us to GET PHYSICAL. The science is true, the more you can look after the chemistry of your body, the better chance your mind has of being resilient to life's challenges.


Move It Movement Class
Ever wondered why you don't have a six pack, even though you've been doing situps for days? Join Arc Sport UNSW Staff as they teach you how to properly do situps, pushups, squats and move yo body for maximum benefits.

Lacrosse Taster
When Regina George discovered Lacrosse, her life got better. New South Wales Lacrosse is coming in to give you a taste test of everything the meanest Mean Girl loved.

Adult Play Session
Sounds raunchy right? Play adds joy to your life, relieves stress, improves brain functions, boosts creativity, improves relationships and keeps you energetic and young at heart!

Free Fruit!
Thanks to the UNSW Food For All Association you can get all tutti-fruity.


Arc Wellness
Between classes, clubs, sport, and social activities, Uni can become a lot to handle. That's where we come in, helping teach you to take care of you so that you can take care of the rest of the stuff going on in your life!
More info: http://www.arc.unsw.edu.au/wellness