2 years ago

10 October, 2016

Arc - UNSW Student Life

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ARC - UNSW Student Life

Clubs Mashup is back with a vengeance! Try your hand at the mini-stations of an eclectic mixture of stalls from UNSW Clubs & Societies.
All of the clubs below have teamed up to run an Amazing Race for everyone to participate in! Run the challenges yourself, or team up with a bunch of mates – old or new – to clear all the unique activities. Once you’ve bested all of them, reward yourself with the final and most lovable challenge – making your own customisable falafel wrap!

Join the following Clubs & Societies to try something new, challenge yourself and of course score some free food along the way!


UNSW Chess Club
Latin Dance Society UNSW
UNSW Social Soccer Society
Food Science Association - FSA UNSW
St John Ambulance Student Society
UNSW Computer Enthusiasts Society
Food For All Association
Knitsoc UNSW


Got an idea for a Clubs Mashup and check out what has gone before atwww.arc.unsw.edu.au/fun/clubs-societies/clubs-mashup