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20 February, 2017

Arc - UNSW Student Life

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ARC - UNSW Student Life

Your Next Adventure!

So you're venturing to UNSW in 2017? It all starts with O-Week.

Whether you're a fresh-faced first year or a seasoned sixth year, O-Week has something for everyone. Its a jam-packed five-day festival of everything awesome at uni, and a sweeeeet taster for all the adventures ahead in 2017.

Join your student organisation Arc and grab your bag of freebies; sign-up to Clubs & Societies; get your questions answered at your school or faculty welcome; go on a famous Yellow Shirt tour; and soak up uni nightlife with activities every evening.

O-Week is the start of your next adventure and you don't want to miss a beat, so click attending to this event for all the updates.

Make your plan by heading here: www.planner.unsw.edu.au


Thursday Night UNSW O-Week PARTY Go Wild!
Friday Night UNSW O-Week :: Chill Night




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