2 years ago

13 September, 2016

Studio One (UNSW)

Organised by:
NSW University Theatrical Society (NUTS)

“Do all little boys of my age hear such sounds of abomination nightly?”
“No, my darling. Only the extraordinarily talented ones”

Within the dark walls of an interrogation room a writer, Katurian, is being questioned over a series of child murders that bear a shocking resemblance to some of his works. The play alternates
between Katurian’s interrogation and the storytelling of his macabre and horrific fairytales.

Martin McDonagh (The Lieutenant of Inishmore, In Bruges), one of Ireland's foremost playwrights, is no stranger to blood and gore, The Pillowman being his most controversial work. Through McDonagh's signature black comedy approach, The Pillowman explores the beauty in horror and pain and how one’s childhood leaves an everlasting impact on their ability to communicate and truly express themselves.

SHOW WEEK: 13th - 17th September
Tuesday 13th: FREE Drinks Post-show
Thursday 15th: Join cast and crew post-show at the Regent Hotel for trashioke!

Katurian: Grace Swadling
Tupolski: Ted Christie-Miller
Michal: Andrew Andrizzle Hwang
Ariel: Sophie Strykowski
Mother: Natalie Marcarian
Father: Byron Klotz
Little Girl: Casuarina O'Brien

Director: James Ong
Producer: Louise Reily
Stage Manager: Keri Tsaoucis
Technical Manager: Fraser Metcalf
Publicity Head: Heather Edmonds
Set Design: Chloe Burchmore
Costume Design: Kathleen Quéré
Sound Design & DOP: Lucy Hiley
Lighting design: Liam Jarvis
Graphic Design: James Ong
Props Head: Ciaran O'Riordan
Makeup Artist: Rosie Niven
Assistant Producer: Liz Elkind
Assistant Publicity: Erica Chiandotto
Assistant Costume: Tess Hilson
Lighting Operator and Assistant Lighting: William Gammel

NUTS Member - $10
Arc Member - $15
General Admission - $20

This play contains subject matter relating to murder, suicide and child abuse.