2 years ago

22 September, 2016

LAW 163

Organised by:
NSW University Theatrical Society (NUTS)

Wowee! It’s the event you’ve all been waiting for! More proposed constitutional changes than you can poke a stick at and 2017 committee elections to boot!

“What’s on the agenda!” we hear you exclaim?
2. We will be discussing many important proposed constitutional changes.
3. Annual Reports from the President and Treasurer.
4. We will be VOTING IN THE 2017 COMMITTEE!

The constitutional changes are necessary to define roles within the Committee, and to ensure the smooth running of NUTS. They range from the removal of redundant points, to the inclusion of two new spots on the Executive.

They include:
1. Two Executive positions for Events
2. Two Executive positions for Publicity.
3. Two Grievance Officer positions, to be delegated to the Elected Executive as per Vice-President. (You MUST be elected a part of the election to hold one of these positions. This is NOT a new Executive position. It is a new Committee role).

If you have any concerns, and wish to contribute to changes of the constitution, email committee@nuts.org.au

Constitutional changes here:


Prepare to shake things up as brave committee hopefuls will be vying for a spot on the 2017 Committee! The 2016 Committee have delved where no human has gone before and, amidst a year of great change and progress has introduced the concept of a ‘Semester Season’ to immense success - but who knows what next year might bring!

The executive committee plays a huge role in NUTS - facilitating the show proposals, running weekly events and workshops, trialling new endeavours (Sweaty Nuts?), repersenting the society to external entities and internal persons, and just generally keeping all the beautiful NUTS cogs chuggin' along.

It’s a brilliant way to have your say, as well as gain invaluable experience in many areas of Arts Management, get some added shtick on your AHEGS, and make some cute new pals (and contacts! #networking) to boot. ANYONE can nominate - whilst experience within some aspects of roles can be helpful, it is no match for passion and enthusiasm!

If the changes are passed, we will be voting in these roles:
- President
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- (2) Publicity Officers
- (2) Events Coordinators
- Technical Officer
- Costume Head
- Arc Delegate

The following positions also need to be voted on, after members have been elected to an Executive position: (1) Vice President and (2) Grievance Officers.

To qualify for a position, you must send an email to committee (committee@nuts.org.au) with your name, student number, and a brief description of why you think you would be suitable for the role.

You are able to run for multiple positions, and on the night of the AGM you will also be given the opportunity to give a small speech about yourself and your suitability for the role (the timing for speeches will be released when nominations are announced). Some questions from the floor will also be asked to nominees.

Proxy votes are not allowed by our constitution, so you must attend to have your say. You may nominate for a positionand have a speech read for your, or record a speech if you are truly unable to attend. The 2016 Committee has selected a date and time that they assessed the most NUTTers could attend, with consideration of other societal and revue engagements for the weeks to come.

You will need to submit your committee nomination by MONDAY 19TH OF SEPTEMBER, 5PM to committee@nuts.org.au if you would like to be considered for a role.

After this time, we will strictly be accept no nominations.

For specific information of these roles, see the NUTS Constitution provided above.

And finally, we will most definitely be celebrating after the AGM! So come along, have your say, and be a swell NUTter!!!