2 years ago

4 October, 2016

Studio One (UNSW)

Organised by:
NSW University Theatrical Society (NUTS)

Are you experiencing muscle soreness from fruitless attempts at breaking through the glass ceiling? Vision blurry from prolonged death-staring at the manspreader on your morning commute? Suffering fatigue and tiredness from attempting to navigate your existence within a patriarchal society where your every move is policed and your bodily autonomy is still up for debate?

You may be suffering from Hysteria!

It's time that we went NUTS for the FIRST EVER UNSW Women’s Revue. Completely devised, produced, directed, written and performed by women, UNSW’s Studio One theatre will be gripped by Hysteria! in Week 11. The NUTS crowd will be attending on Thursday night and we are offering HALF PRICE TICKETS to the first 10 people who book once the ticket link is released at 4pm today.

Directed and produced the wonderful nutters by Georgia Watkins and Heather Edmonds, Hysterical is definitely a show not to be missed!

Hannah Brindley
Gabby Chantiri
Madeleine Egerton
Nicole Gieselman
Lucy Hiley
Amy Kimball
Kate Marks
Isabella M-White
Rosie Niven
Sophie Strykowski
Naks Suresh
Georgia Rose Wilson

Stage Manager: Jennifer Jackson
Assistant Stage Manager: Casuarina O'Brien
Lighting Designer and Operator: Louise Reily
Sound Designer and Operator: Claire Veronica
Comedic Advisor: Laura Strykowski
Graphic Designer: Carla Zuniga Navarro