2 years ago

4 October, 2016

UNSW Quad 1049

Organised by:
NSW University Theatrical Society (NUTS)

From those who brought you 'Writing with NUTS', we present 'Workshop with NUTS'! Who comes up with this edgy titles I hear you say (mutter sarcasticly). Well obviously the witty minds of script writers trying to entice the performing variety!

Ok, so here's the 411

The writers from Writing for NUTS have written a few pieces (original works) for actors to workshop.

Yes thats right, there is more to do with NUTS!

We will be holding a workshopping session every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm in QUAD1409 from Week 10-12.

The ultimate goal is to perform these original works (monologues, duolouges and short shortplays) in a Week 13 (25th October) Extravaganza of performance, alongside non-student works.

Due to the great success of Monologue/Duologue Night, we will be holding another event, where Nutters can once again grace the stage and perform a monologue or duologue of their choice. (Event will be posted soon).

So for those who want to get their hands on some original works, come down to our workshopping sessions and get creative!