1 year ago

18 October, 2016

UNSW Quad 1049

Organised by:
NSW University Theatrical Society (NUTS)

The Writing with NUTS Crew have written an array of scripts for members to workshop and hopefully perform in our farewell to 2016 performance night Spectacular Spectacular, in Week 13.

We need actors! If you like one of the works, you will be able to work with the writer during the next two weeks to prepare it for the Week 13 performance night.

Scripts include (working titles):

- Petrol Station | Monologue | Female | Oliva sits in a boiling hot car waiting for her man to buy some groceries. Her friend Emma keeps texting her. Can she keep up this sexual rebellion, or does she have to tell him and Emma the truth? | Written by Kathleen Quéré:

- Set Fire to the Furnace | Monologue | Female | Lenore (Lenny) is an old soul. She used to love the world and all of what nature offers a young kid; until the world got heavy. She found an old book of WW1 poems in her dad's library, and nothing could ever be the same again. | Written by Andrew Signor

- Reunion | Duologue | Two Female | A woman is reunited with her youthful self, and they have so much to catch up on! They haven't seen each other in ages, and a lot has happened since she was 9; too much. | Written by Sophie Somerville

- The Parcae | Scenes | Open Genders | Nona, Decima and Morta are cutting the Threads of Life as they always do, until they notice an extraordinary thing...one of the threads is exceptionally long. Size does matter in ancient Greece, especially if that thread belongs to Julias Ceasar. | Written by Daniel Weissberger

- Bad People | Scenes | Two Female and Two Male | Sam and Harry are married. Jessica and Milo are dating. Sam is Milos teacher, and they are having an affair. WHAT? Yes thats right! A comedy of confrontation where two worlds collide, with hilarous results. | Written by Lauren Bonner

Like what you read? Well, there's a whole lot more to it then those little blurbs! Come see what all the fuss is about and get on stage with NUTS.

All welcome :)