1 year ago

3 January, 2017

Mathews 232, UNSW

Organised by:
NSW University Theatrical Society (NUTS)

“We are such stuff
As dreams are made on"

On an enchanted island filled with spirits and monsters, an overthrown Duke, Prospero, has lived with his innocent daughter, Miranda, for the past twelve years. Yet when Prospero and his sidekick Ariel conjure up a tempest and strand all of Prospero's enemies on the island, things change. Miranda falls in love with the first man she meets, a hilarious duo of lords plot to usurp Prospero's usurpers, and the enslaved spirit Caliban tastes alcohol for the first time and adopts the drunkard Stephano as his god.

The Tempest is not only a hilarious tale of magic, love and redemption, but also one of Shakespeare’s most exquisite and self-aware creations, drawing beautiful comparisons between the insubstantiality of theatre and human existence. In this production, a unique emphasis on physical performance, and the integration of live music, dance sequences, and silk aerials heightens the sense of metatheatricality and reminds us of the bittersweet impermanence of both art and life.

Brought to you by Liam Jarvis (Producer), Casuarina O’Brien (Director) and Yasmin Stelling (Musical Director) along with a huge team of talented creatives, this show is sure to be a super fun summer project!

To audition, simply prepare a short Shakespearean monologue and come along prepared to do a cold read and some movement exercises. If you don't have time to memorise your monologue, don't fret! Just bring it with you, we're more than happy for you to read or for us to prompt.

Book your audition here: http://nutstempest.simplybook.me/

Audition Times (all held in Mathews 232):
Tuesday 03/01 : 12pm - 9pm
Wednesday 04/01 : 12pm - 9pm
Thursday 05/01 : 12pm - 9pm

For those who are unable to make any of these audition times, please email nutstempest@gmail.com, and we will make every effort to fit you in.

Contact details:
Liam Jarvis - 0431 859 314
Casuarina O'Brien - 0488 335 753

Callbacks: Sunday 08/01 from 10am-6pm.

Show Run: Tuesday 07/03 - Saturday 11/03

For more information on what's required in the audition process, take a look at the very comprehensive Audition Pack here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwp26zaQtRQdcEFqUGJMbURPZDA/view