2 years ago

28 September, 2016


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The UNSW Dotasoc mid-sem tournament will run from the 28th to 1st of October (Wednesday to Saturday of mid-sem break), with matches starting from 6pm onwards. This tournament will be open to EVERYONE!
The format will be round robin followed by double elimination, entry fee is only $10 per team, and winning team takes 75% of the prize pool!

Registration form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeVcH3pFWWYUe_BB1Quv2Hb5sHEqf_AXx0BaRiVHOPQ5bF1LA/viewform

Entry fee is $10 per team, payable to:
Bsb 062 303
Account no. 1088 5039
Name: Society Cheque Acct

1. each team cannot be more than 15 min late, we'll not be rescheduling matches so please make sure your team is available on those dates, from 6pm onwards - late
2. Friendly banter is allowed, but an admin will be monitoring each match to make sure no one crosses the line.
3. Admins reserve the right to remove/ban teams
4. You can only have 1 reserve player, and this player must be included in the registration forms