2 years ago

28 September, 2016

T Totaler

Organised by:
UNSW Tea and Coffee Society

**Limit of 18 places available!!**

Felt like there was a tea blend missing from your life?
Love to get hands-on and DIY?
Perhaps in your youth you were fascinated by apothecaries in fantasy worlds?

Well you've come to the right event!

The UNSW Tea & Coffee Society are proud to present our first Tea Blending Workshop, run by our friends over at T Totaler!

The workshop will consist of two parts:

1. A seminar where you learn about the origins of the herbs, details about the tea leaves and then putting them to the test with tasting!

2. The hands on aspect. You'll be able to make (yes, make!) a custom blend tea that you can take home to enjoy!

So whether you're looking for a chill day out during your mid-sem break, are seeking to create your dream tea blend, or wanted to fulfil your childhood dreams of being a wizard, do come along for a fantastic time!


Price: $30 pp for society members (otherwise $45pp for non members, and for non-Arc attendees!)
Location: 555A King St, Newtown NSW 2042
Time: 12-2pm, Wednesday, 28 September

Additionally, do check out our coffee cupping event here! [coming soon]

BUY TICKETS HERE! http://teablendingworkshop.getqpay.com