1 year ago

26 July, 2016

Malaysians of Melbourne University (MoMU)

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Malaysians of Melbourne University (MOMU)

Salam 1Malaysia freshies!

We are terribly sorry to announce that we won't be having a booth today, so please don't look for us!

BUT WAIT. Does that mean you can't sign up to be a member?

Fret not! We'll be having our very own, MoMU Orientation Day to make up for our absence!

What exactly is this MoMU O-day and why can we do it? MoMU O-Day is essentially clubs day, EXCLUSIVELY for MoMU! We decided that since most of you have already heard of us before arriving here in Melbourne, we'd make it easier for you to find us without having to sift through the other clubs during Clubs day. ;)

Did we mention that this has never been done before in the history of MoMU?? So get hyped because we will also be giving out FREE FOOD, FREE goodie bags, and Membership sign-ups on this amazing day!! So get around it and come sign up to be part of the biggest Malaysian Student Organization in Victoria!

Details of the event:
Date: Tuesday, 26th July
Time: 12pm
Venue: Union House