1 year ago

14 August, 2016

Hardrock Climbing

Organised by:
Malaysians of Melbourne University (MOMU)

Do YOU love engaging yourself in a full body workout that will leave you all sweaty and sore yet satisfied with all the fun you just had; An activity that involves rock hard objects and ocassional ropes (if you're into that)? ;)) THEN MOMU x HARDROCK CLIMBING IS THE ACTIVITY FOR YOU!!!

That's right! MoMU's rock climbing event is back once again! So bring a couple of your friends to stay active and keep warm during Melbourne's cold weather. It will be held during week 3 so we're sure that you're not overly occupied with tests and assignments. :D

Details below:
■ DATE: 14 August 2016 (Sunday)

■ TIME: 10.00-12.00 am (Why so early? Because we'll have the place all to ourselves!

■ VENUE: Hardrock Climbing (Swanston St/Franklin St)

■ COST: $19 for both members and non-members (with harness, shoes and equipment)

It'll be a really fun and challenging activity. Fret not if you haven't tried rock climbing before, there will be instructors to guide you! Let's get fit together!

Register at our booth in Union House from 12-2pm, Mondays to Wednesdays :)

Limited to 40 participants on a first come first serve basis!

We look forward to seeing you!! :)