1 year ago

20 August, 2016

Malaysians of Melbourne University (MoMU)

Organised by:
Malaysians of Melbourne University (MOMU)

Prepare yourselves for MoMU's second E-sports tournament! Get yourselves hyped up for TI6 as this year we'll be holding a tournament just for Dota 2, so call the team together and sign up now! Those late night gaming sessions will finally show its worth as you get Rampage all over the enemy team, and base race to victory!

Online Qualifiers: 20th August 2016 (6PM)
Main LAN event: 21st August 2016 (Sunday, 10AM)

Renegade Gaming Parkville, Swanston Street

[Team Size]
- Registered teams must consist of five (5) participants
- No stand-ins are allowed
- Must provide a team name at registration

[Registration Cost]
Members $8
Non-Members $12

[Maximum Participants]
Eight (8) teams of five (5) participants

1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $75

[Game Structure]
> Online Qualifiers <
- Teams will faceoff to determine placements in LAN events
- There will be two (2) groups of 4 (Group A & Group B)
- Group stages will be done in a round-robin fashion
- Online qualifiers will be played from participants' own homes
- Games will be held in a private lobby opened by an admin
- Tiebreaker: In the event that when neither the first or fourth seeds of each group can be determined, tiebreakers will decide the placement of the teams. Tiebreaker will depend which team had more kills.

Point System:
Win - Gain one (1) point
Lose - No points awarded

Seed Placement:
1st Place (Group A) vs 4th Place (Group B)
2nd Place (Group A) vs 3rd Place (Group B)
3rd Place (Group A) vs 2nd Place (Group B)
4th Place (Group A) vs 1st Place (Group B)

> Main LAN Event <
- Will be played at Renegade Gaming cyber cafe (10AM - 5PM)
- Elimination format
- All games will be played Best of 1, with finals being Best of 3

[Game Settings]
- Game mode: Captain's Mode
- Lobby password: TBD
- Server Location: Australia
- Starting team: First team picks side, Second team picks drafting order
- Penalties (Dire/Radiant): None, unless stated otherwise by an admin
- Series Type: Best of 1 or Best of 3
- Enable cheats: No
- Fill empty slots with bots: No
- All chat: Yes
- Bot Difficulty: None
- Version: Tournament
- Spectators: Enabled
- DotaTV Delay: 2 Minutes

[During the game]
● If one team is not present and/or does not show any sign of activity (e.g. no team member has joined the lobby, all other attempts to contact the team failed) for fifteen (15) minutes after the stipulated match time, a default win can be requested by the other team from the admin. The default win will be confirmed by an admin under normal circumstances.
● If one team is present but is not ready to start the match for fifteen (15) minutes after the stipulated match time, the opponents should report that 15 minutes after the match time.
● If a player disconnects, the game is to be paused instantly. Disconnected players will have up to ten (10) minutes to reconnect to the game. If the same person disconnects more than once, the time allocation does not get reset each time. When the time allocation is expended, the opposing team may continue the game, unless an admin demands the opposite. The affected player is in this case still allowed to reconnect to the game later on.
● If any serious bugs occur, the game has to be paused immediately and the administration decides how to continue abusing a bug is forbidden.
● The usage of any external tools, scripts and/or hacks that provides participants an advantage other is strictly forbidden.
● In the event of a technical error resulting in all members in both teams and administrators disconnecting; or if the server crashes; or has unexpectedly high latency, a remake can be called with the same bans and picks.
● Every participant has to show the needed respect towards referees and other participants. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behaviour towards anyone will not be tolerated and will be punished.