1 year ago

23 November, 2016


Organised by:
Labor voice Club

We're going camping!*
Are you a Labor Club member? Want to shake off the stress of the exam period, hang out with friends and mosh to the misogyny speech?
Well then get excited, because the Labor Club is going on its first-ever whole club camp - and it's guaranteed to be two nights and three days of a whole lot of fun.
So if you'd like to come, let us know by next Sunday - and when you know, click going and send me a message. We'll try to keep costs as low as possible, hopefully less than $100 per person. After that, we'll confirm the location, and then it's time to start getting pumped :D
This'll be heaps of fun - see you all there!!!
- Tamara
*Tents may or may not be a thing [accommodation pending].