1 year ago

20 October, 2016

M-ASS - Melbourne Arts Students Society

Organised by:
Arts Students Society (M-ASS)

Welcome one, welcome all to the annual M-ASS Wonderland Carnival! We're back once again to help you overcome your winter woes and assignment anxieties with a few 'activities'.

Enjoy the overdue warm weather with us next Thursday (Week 12) the 20th of October with a completely free carnival on South Lawn!

Cause let's be real, we're all going through the five stages of exam grief right now:
1. Denial that they're soon, and your preparation is lacking
2. Anger that the university makes you jump through the hoops of bureaucracy to get a piece of paper validating your adulthood
3. Bargaining the amount of work you have to do and the marks you need to bump up your WAM
4. Depression over your woeful future and an increasing sense of existential dread
5. And finally, acceptance.

So come down to Wonderland and enjoy the many FREE treats on offer to distract yourself and take a moment for yourself. There will be a jumping castle, petting zoo, fairy floss, popcorn, face painting, and an agora.

So see you there for some good old fashioned spring fun and a taste of the holidays! After all, what else are you going to be doing?