1 year ago

6 December, 2016

Alice Hoy Building, University of Melbourne (Parkville)

Organised by:
International Relations Society (MELBIRS)

After the success of MelbMUN's Korean War Crisis Council and The Battle of Seattle CC, the Melbourne International Relations Society is back with its End of Year Crisis Council of 2016: Heading to the Great War?.

A crisis council is a fast-paced multi-day simulation of an historical event where delegates represent an individual, such as a minister or head of state. They act within a series of rules to achieve outcomes for themselves, and their country or organisation.

Starting in 1914, this Crisis Council will see players and cabinets navigate their way through the complex geopolitical landscape of the Concert of Europe. Political saviness; economic wit; military strategy and good judgement will be required to survive.

CC queries can be emailed to Sarah Xia at treasurer@mirs.org.au.

Attendees will be required to pay a CC socials fee of $85 in order to fully register and confirm their allocation.
This will cover three days of lunches (yum!) as well as socials. Payments should be sent to the following account:

Account Name: Melbourne International Relations Society
Account BSB: 063238
Account Number: 10756869
Please include a transfer description in the format:
(First Initial) + (Last Name) + CC

Full allocations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dMgGPEBiC-23z7pMIzk0BNZE6kESh57zIiON6kFVycA
Applications are now closed.