1 year ago

11 October, 2016

Frank Tate 106

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French Club

As this semester draws to a close, we very sadly have some committee members who will not be returning next year. We will therefore be holding a Special General Meeting at 12:45pm (please arrive before this time!) to fill the committee vacancies. There will be pizza and non-alcoholic drinks provided.


You can self nominate or be nominated by someone else on the day. If you are considering going for a position, have a read over the descriptions to find out what you're interested in.
Before voting for each position, nominees will introduce themselves and why they want to be on committee. We would like to emphasise that ANYONE can go for a position. You don't have to have been on committee before to go for an executive position, and the current committee will be around to help ease the transition and share our experiences. If you think you can do it, so do we!


Vice President
As the President's right hand (wo)man, you are responsible for helping the President with decision making and also helping the other execs fulfil their roles. In essence you are integral to supporting the committee.
Key attributes: willingness to step up to any role when need be, flexibility, decision making

You are responsible for the social and communication side of the club! You are the one who writes up the weekly emails and creates the facebook events, and are responsible for writing up the minutes to meetings and replying to personal communications to the club.
Key attributes: creative writing skills, a strong social media presence and organisation

You are in charge of all things money. Duties include monthly reconciliations, grant and payment applications, liaising with UMSU C&S, financial reporting, budgeting for events and organising shopping lists.
Key attributes: eye for detail and time management
Note: a maths background is helpful although not necessary, nor is an accounting background required at all (training will be provided)

International Liaison
You are responsible for welcoming the exchange students. Duties include affiliation with UMSU International, Global Mobility and the Language Exchange club and helping organise events with UMSU International such as FoN and the Night Market.
Key attributes: good social and communication skills and enthusiasm.

2 x General committee position
The General committee helps prepare each event and is present at full committee meetings to help decide on club matters. Occasionally will be given a specific responsibility by the Executive Committee.
Key attribute: TIME before and after events.

First Year Representative
Another General committee spot, but the position must be held by a First Year (at time of election).

If you have any questions or want more information about the roles, feel free to come talk to us on Tuesday or shoot us an email/message.

Looking forward to your nominations!

Your outgoing committee,

Vicky, Andrew, Casey, Brad, Andrea, Annika, Aurora, Jesse, Kate, and Thomas