1 year ago

6 October, 2016

South Lawn

Organised by:
Arts Students Society (M-ASS)

Semester 2 blues kicking in after the “three-quarter”-semester break? M-ASS & SSS have the perfect solution - a second chance at a true Aussie tradition: the democracy sausage at our Week 10 BBQ. This time around, it’s the American edition: the democrazy sausage.

It doesn’t take a politics major to tell you that this time around, the US election is, well… stuffed.

From an oompa loompa going on a power trip, to a walking email server who enjoys the delete button, we’re all a bit worried (but still grateful for all the memes it’s given us).
So come down to South Lawn and stress eat our free democrazy sausages, veggie burgers, and even a soft drink or cider/beer to take your mind off the shit show that is life.


We will be selling Science Hoodies at the BBQ!
$35 Members/$40 Non-Members
Supply is limited, so don't miss out!