1 year ago

6 October, 2016

PAR-Kwong Lee Dow-227 (Theatre)

Organised by:
Marketing Intelligence (MINT)

If you haven't heard of Enron through your accounting or organisational behavior classes, please let us give you a little glimpse.

The story of Enron is not a political documentary, but a crime story. A crime story that explores the fall of the Enron Corporation, arguably the most shocking example of modern corporate corruption. It tells a story of how major hanky panky, fraudulent business got them to the top.. so it may get you mad, but we're not trying to upset you before exams.

We're just trying to stimulate just a few brain cells while you get to know the MINT members. This could even be the exam preparation you need. So come down and join us for some pre-exam chilling with some food and drinks on Thursday night, October.

Click to register through the link and we can't wait to see you there!