1 year ago

13 September, 2016

Engineering Block F, 3D printing workshop

Organised by:
Biomedical Engineering Students Society

Hi everyone,

The 3D printing workshop will be held next week on Tuesday 13/9/16 at 11AM at the normal tutorial time for the Solidworks sessions. This will be held in engineering block F, the 3D printing workshop. I managed to get a printer booked.

We will be covering the basics of 3D printing.

1. What is 3D printing
2. Types of printing available.
3. Parts of a 3D printer.
4. Different materials that are readily available for 3D printing.
5. How to print from a 3D printer and what parameters mean
6. Troubleshooting and optimising prints

I understand a lot of this will be covered in the 3D printing workshop that biomaterials has, but I will go more in depth than that tutorial. I will bring some of the material I have used to print before.

Please feel free to come a long if you haven't come to the full workshops.


I will meet you guys in the lab at 11am, not EDS3.

Thanks to those that have come along and I hope that it has helped you become more comfortable with Solidworks. I will make myself available in Week 9 at the normal tutorial time to help anyone that needs help with their projects.