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22 September, 2016

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Chemical Engineering Students Society

**Nominations are now open**

Guys it is that time of year again for the MUCESS elections. Save this date because this is when our AGM must take place. Please send in applications from now until the 14/09 5pm. Then online voting will open for all positions until 2 hours before the AGM (10am 22/09).

Send your applications to the returning officer: l.kennedy3@student.unimelb.edu.au

The positions that can be nominated and voted for are:

Education Officer
Welfare Officer
Media Officer
International Students Rep
Website Officer
2 x Fifth year reps
2 x Fourth year reps
2 x Third year reps
2 x Second year reps

The President's role is to organise the club committee and delegate tasks to other committee members. Their main task is to ensure everything gets done and to act as the student representative at department meetings and the Industry Advisory Group. A fair amount of work is required, in the range of 1-4 hrs per week is usually needed depending on events being organised and department meetings scheduled. The president will often help other committee members to complete their tasks such as follow up emails to company reps for industry night, liaising with Ball Venue and organising helpers for events. Also a member of the Engineering Wellbeing Committee

Organises finances for the club, 1-2 hrs per week. Makes sure the float is kept up to date, balanced and banked as required. Liaise with secretary and student union to organise grant applications and complete required monetary forms. Fairly easy role if you keep on top of it, get lots of help from the union including 'treasures training'. The Treasurer, as with all committee members also helps out organising events when extra help is required.

The Secretary is a relatively important role. They are responsible for making sure all paperwork is complete and given to student union on time. The secretary helps the president organise the rest of the committee and advises them on things that may have been neglected. Expect around 2-3 hrs per week, less if you are a generally organised person. The Secretary also takes the minutes of all committee meetings.

Education Officer:
Main role is to source industry interaction, especially for Industry Night. This role is relatively full on around the time of organising industry night and pretty relaxed for the rest of the year. The Education Officer should cover everything in relation to the Industry Night, from getting companies to attend and initial email/phone call invites, through to confirming names of reps attending. One of the most personally rewarding positions as it gets you fantastic exposure to industry and creates contacts very easily. We already have a large list of contacts to make this role much easier, as well as templates for communicating with industry reps. The Education Officer also has to take minutes at all SSLC meetings.

Student Representatives:
The primary role of the student representatives is to gather student feedback and present it at SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee) meetings with lecturers. They are also responsible for passing of information related to MUCESS events to their associated groups, as well as general assistance with the running of MUCESS events.

Welfare Officer:
The role of the Welfare Officer is to create awareness of the importance of mental health within the engineering community and the university. The must attend Engineering Well-being Committee meetings.

Media Officer (aka Publications Officer):
The role of the Media officer is to create any publication material MUCESS requires. This includes things such as- facebook banners, posters, membership cards, ball tickets, etc. The Media Officer and Website Officer (below) work closely together.

Website Officer:
The role of the website officer is to update the website with sponsors profiles, MUCESS events and any information that they deem relevant to members. They also work with the Media Officer to create Facebook events and ensuring the information on MUCESS’ Facebook page is current and correct.