1 year ago

14 September, 2016

Old Eng Lawns

Organised by:
Financial Engineering Club

It’s official, the reign of the plastics is coming to an end at the MUESC annual general meeting.
Who are the plastics?
They’re MUESC royalty.
That one over there talking about Moe? That’s the secretary Eilish. She’s rides horses.
And that brunette one? That’s Maddy Pittle, she’s the treasurer. Maddy Pittle has excellent taste in bangers, that’s why her hair’s so long.. its full of dj’s numbers..
And leadership takes a human form in El presidente Lydia Paevere.. how do I begin to explain Lydia Paevere?
“Lydia Paevere is flawless” - Julietta Capodistrias- Publications
“I hear her hair is insured $69” - Liv Panjkov- IT
“I hear she does car commercials… In the pit”- Rory Powell- Scrolls
“Her favourite song is sandstorm by darude”- David Lynch- Procurement
“One time she met Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis on south lawn..” - Pan Kim- Activities
“And he told her she was hot”- Will Pamment- Carbs
“One time she gave me a kick in the dick… it was awesome.”- Tom Currie- Publications

So if you’re from Africa, or a local.. Get in loser, we’re going to Beer’n’Chips to vote in the newest dictators of MUESC!

When: 1pm - 2pm Wednesday 14th of September (pre drankss for Science Ball)
Where: Old Eng Lawns
Wear: Pink, its a Wednesday duh?
What: Beer, Chips, Soft Drinks, Beer, Good Times, Engineers and Beer!

So come down and MEAT our outgoing and ingoing MUESC committee members.
There WILL be chips.
There WILL be beer.
There WILL be shenanigans.

Voting for the AGM will close at 2:15pm sharp, followed by a completely unrelated and entirely different event which is completely optional.