2 years ago

1 September, 2016

Theatre 2 (room 211) FBE

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Interested in the Australian investment landscape? Desire to learn more about the potential market challenges? Wish to network with industry professionals?

If so, there will be all this and more at CAINZ’s Panel: The Investment Environment!

CAINZ provides you the opportunity to learn about the current investment space in Australia. With a focus on regulatory and market challenges that arise, we will explore what regulators do to encourage or deter it, what this means for you and where we can be in a few years. This panel will also investigate the degree to which the relevant investment classes are teaching their potentials and the steps we can take to put our passion and knowledge into action.

The panel consists of

- Dean Fergie: Director & Portfolio Manager of Cyan Investment Management
- Mark Burgess: Former Managing Director of the Future Fund
- James Andronis: Senior Specialist in the Market Conduct Team at ASIC
- Carole Comerton-Forde: Panel Moderator and Finance Professor at the University of Melbourne

Free for members and ONLY $5 for non-members. Non-members will automatically become members for the year with the registration of this event.

Light refreshments will be provided at the conclusion of the panel!

Watch this space as more details will be released later in the week!