2 years ago

18 August, 2015

Parkville, Victoria, Australia

Organised by:
University Network for Investment and Trading (UNIT University of Melbourne)

The Investment Banking Career Skills (IBCS) initiative is a series of seminars designed to inform students about career pathways within Investment Banking and the broader financial industry. We provide a broad-spectrum overview of the major divisions of an investment bank and invite industry guest speakers to expand upon this basic knowledge with their expert insight.

Some of the topics that the IBCS covers include:
• What does an Investment Banker actually do?
• What is the difference between a buy-side and sell-side trader?
• What is the difference between Wealth and Asset Management?

When: 12pm-1pm, Tuesdays of Weeks 4 to 8
Where: Theatre 4, Alan Gilbert

This seminar will be run by later year students who will inform new students on aspects of Investment Banking they wish they had known before. The seminar will cater towards anyone who is looking into IB as a potential occupation out of university or has a general interest in finance.