1 year ago

16 August, 2016

Alan Gilbert Building-109 (Theatre 2)

Organised by:
Marketing Intelligence (MINT)

MINT proud to bring back the consulting case competition again for another semester in partnership with XLabs, an impressive high-tech startup. Absolutely everyone is encouraged to sign up and give it a go!

The case competition provides all students invaluable experience and the opportunity to work with a diverse range of individuals on a real life project. Being set up with a case study, members are required to work together to showcase their abilities and skills to provide XLabs with creative and innovative solutions to their real world problems.

SIGN UP TO THE COMPETITION BY FRIDAY AUGUST 12 USING THIS LINK: https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdocs.google.com%2Fa%2Fstudent.unimelb.edu.au%2Fforms%2Fd%2Fe%2F1FAIpQLScA7BG0bx59QivkcYuiv7tnA1Ny7oNlOlzv-mpb7eL01C5_Cw%2Fviewform&h=aAQERCXNl

This workshop will feature a presentation from one of XLab's Co-Founders, where the consulting problem will be introduced and everything you need to know about the upcoming case competition is covered.

About XLabs: XLabs is an Australian start-up who started off by developing an innovative eye-tracking software solution and are now committed in working towards making this solution accessible to all.

More information about XLabs can be found on their website: https://xlabsgaze.com

We are looking forward to seeing you all there, even if you are not participating in the competition and wish to learn more about XLabs!